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Size of the center



Lower-level retail space

Upper-level retail space


Cost to develop

New jobs created

Estimated tax impact

Overall impact

12 acres

120,000 sf

49,000 sf

27,000 sf

15,000 sf

800 spaces

$62 million


$20 million

$226 million

Vital Statistics


Community Improvement

University Commons is uniquely positioned to bring an important bundle of benefits to the southwest Knoxville area: much-needed grocery and retail shopping for students, local employees and residents; hundreds of new construction and retail jobs; and the welcome environmental remediation of a long-neglected site. The significance of the long-term impact of University Commons cannot be overstated.

There is an aesthetic benefit as well. University Commons revives the look and feel of a turn-of-the-century factory architecture. Timeless materials like stone, brick, and ornamental steel are used throughout the design and mark a classic, attractive addition to the local landscape. The design delivers nostalgia and creates a pedestrian-friendly streetscape for visitors and the citizens of Knoxville, while complementing the architecture of both the Cumberland Avenue Corridor Project and the University of Tennessee campus. Learn more about the location.


The History of University Commons      Benefits to the Community